a graduate of United Theological Seminary, Butler University and the Gestalt Institutes of Indianapolis and Cleveland, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Indianapolis (www.rustymoe.com), and an instructor at Christian Theological Seminary and the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute. He has authored three books of poetry--Our Presence Together in Chaos, Where God Learns, and Way-Marks:  New Poems--and a spiritual memoir, Bright Wild Stone:  A Contemplative Journal of Roots That Shape a Life.
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Kim Manley Ort has always loved taking photographs, but it wasn’t until she read about the life and work of photographer and activist Ansel Adams, that she started taking photography seriously. She studied at the Indianapolis Art Center and at workshops in New Mexico and New Brunswick where her instructor was Freeman Patterson. For Kim, photography is a spiritual practice. Her goals in presenting the retreat are twofold: to help others notice and appreciate the world as it is and to recover that sense of connection and interdependence with everyone and everything. You can see her work here.