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To schedule a retreat,  contact Bethany Spring.

We look forward to having you with us!

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At "home" the moment we came into the driveway. Slept like a log. Extremely comfortable. I will be back!
NM, August 2013

Quiet, prayerful, contemplative - and great food and care - the house and grounds provided a peaceful/prayerful sanctuary.
KF, August 2013

All that I desired - peace, silence, opportunities for liturgy, lovely surroundings.
RC, July 2013

It is so quiet and comfortable here. Love to hear the sounds of nature and see all the stars at night.
RL, JB, July 2013

Restful, serene, home; quiet hospitality.
JW, July 2013

Excellent! Hospitality, retreat content, participants, food, Ernestine, Sharon, beauty of nature, peace, insights.
LH, July 2013

I loved the homey atmosphere, the hospitality and the casual atmosphere.
SW, July 2013

Peaceful, quiet, beautiful setting. Lake with deer, ducks, bullfrogs. All the birds. The house is beautiful and has everything you need for a retreat.
Anon, June 2013

I recently lost my husband and my mother to death. I felt called to come away for a weekend with God in solitude - the lovely surroundings and solitude of the Wellspring cottage.
TS, June 2013

Heavenly. Peaceful. Filled with joy. I had wanted to come here for years... what took me so long? This is a thin place - a place so close to God I can nearly touch God.
RL, May 2013



Peaceful. Exactly what I needed. I was able to "unplug" and renew my spirit.
MC, May 2013

I felt connected to God in a personal way. God's voice was clear to me.
RL, May 2013

Profound. Encouraging. Hopeful. I want to do this again & again...
LG, May 2013

 We needed as a team, to get away and "plan" for the future in terms of ministry. Having a place void of everyday "noise" was essential. Bethany Spring provided just what we needed!
DM & RV, May 2013

I had a WONDERFUL time. My main motivation was to have a little time away. And, I was able to truly be away and not think too much about my role as a caregiver. Any time that happens, the experience has been truly WONDERFUL.
DW, Apr 2013

It was magnificent - the staff, facility & location. Relaxing & Refreshing.
GM, Apr 2013

Wonderful food! Wonderful room and surroundings.
HP, Apr 2013